I, Antonin Tuynman (internet name: Awwware) was born on 22-02-1971 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I studied Chemistry at the University in Amsterdam (MSc 1995, PhD 1999). Presently I work as a patent examiner at the European Patent Office in the field of clinical diagnostics. I have a developed a strong interest in futurism and the Singularity theory of Kurzweil. I propose Artificial Intelligence concepts which may lead to the emergence of internet as a conscious entity.
In my book Technovedanta, an architecture for the internet as AwwwareNet (an aware world wide web) is proposed based on stratifications derived from the Indian philosophy of Vedanta to create a functional mimic of consciousness, quasi-consciousness. The deep exploration in Nature’s fundamental primacy of consciousness led me to the hypothesis of a pancomputational panpsychic theory of everything based on Technology. Welcome to a journey into the unfathomable realm of fantasy, the chaotic soup from which successful strategies are searched, pruned and concretised to fulfill the cosmosemiotic imperative of ever increasing complexity and meta-variegation. Welcome to this modern clavicula to engender the eschatological apotheosis of Vedantic Singularity. Welcome to the unusual marriage between Technology and Vedanta.
In the present blog I am further exploring the ideas started under Technovedanta as regards a Theory of Everything, Technological Transcendence and Epistemology. It is my present understanding that all knowledge, unless empowered in the form of a Technology, is speculative. I hope my ideas will inspire others to drop their beliefs and explore the root of what is reality with me. All suggestions are welcome.

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  1. Hi Antonin, You've applied a vastly better intellect than mine to synthesizing some Vedanta and New Science - but my effort flows from an extraordinary nirvikalpa samadhi experience that arose spontaneously from an episode of sexual ecstasy. At the time (1970) I was utterly naive in regards to religious, metaphysical, ontological, mystical, etc. concepts so there is no constructivist explanation for the revelations I experienced in my dual-nondual journey. If you Google: "nirvikalpa samadhi journey" you'll find my anecdote. Regards, Ed Fisher