Is Reality A Simulation? An Anthology

On 22-5-2018 I published the book "Is Reality a Simulation? An Anthology", which I edited and co-authored. Below you will find the details how to purchase this volume. Free pdfs are available on request for reviewers.
The question whether we live in a virtual reality, in a computer or other type simulation, is very popular these days. Since the release of the film the Matrix, the interest in this question hasn’t waned.
Tom Campbell is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to fund some quantum mechanics experiments that might shed more light on this question.
But this question has been around since the dawn of civilization and there are good arguments and pointers both in favour and against the simulation hypothesis. The simulation hypothesis has more or less become scientifically formalised since the paper by Nick Bostrom in 1993.
Recently, Kovrizhi and Ringel already published a scientific paper that anwers the title question of our anthology negatively, based on their calculations that “just storing information about a couple of hundred electrons would require a computer memory that would physically require more atoms than exist in the universe.” However, they candidly provide the valid counterargument to their own conclusion, namely that “ if our universe is a simulation, there is no reason that the laws of physics should apply outside it.” Moreover, simulations only have to render in detail that what is actually looked at in detail.
About half a year ago, I launched an appeal for authors, philosophers and scientists to submit an essay on this topic. This has resulted in giving birth to the present book “Is Reality a Simulation? an Anthology”. This book provides you with the historical background of the argument over the ages and a number of unorthodox perspectives, that may change your mind on the matter or even much more.
In order to tickle your curiosity, here’s the Blurb:
Did your dark night of the soul ever make you doubt the reality of your existence? Do you wonder whether you are living in a dream or computer simulation? Are you haunted by the perspective that you’re already dead and wander through the infinite dimensions of Hell or the Cyberbardo? Does it really matter at all if one of these questions is answered affirmatively?
Then you’re in good company. Join us on a psychedelic rollercoaster through the rabbit hole. Fasten your seatbelts. Your belief systems are about to be questioned, challenged and perhaps overthrown. This Anthology with contributions from Technoshamans, Physicalist scientists, Pantheists, Pandeists and Panpsychists will rock your mental foundations, haunt your convictions and put you through the epistemological wringer.
This choicest selection will sharpen your mind to find truths hidden in the plain sight of a tower of turtles, patterns in a grid of chaos and clarity in a forest of apparent randomness. From Gross’ Ouroboric Simulism to the Other of Swayne; Dive into Rosati’s lucubration from Deli’s Fractal of Consciousness to Mapson’s Pandeistic Analogue Simulation; from the Vikoulovian Apotheosis via Byrne’s Panpsychic Musings to the Tuynman Omega Constant. Escape with Bruere’s scenario’s from King’s Parasitism and Perceptual valuation.
Welcome to a dazzling orgy of the post-singularity conceptualization of Simulation Theory. Welcome to the kaleidoscopic variegation of the perplexing pictorial perspectives that dwarf Bostrom’s argument into oblivion. Is reality a Simulation? is an unorthodox challenging anthology on Bostrom’s Simulation Hypothesis. With contributions from scientists, philosophers, technoshamans and mystics it shows a broad variety of perspectives from both supporters and opponents of the argument.
The book “Is Reality a Simulation? An Anthology”, which I, Antonin Tuynman (a.k.a. Technovedanta) edited and co-authored is now available as Hardcopy and as Kindle ebook. But you can get a free pdf, if you promise me to write a review and post it on Amazon, Goodreads and Lulu. For a free pdf send an email to iconomen at gmail dot com.
I wrote this book together with a number of excellent thinkers, such as Dirk Bruere, Sean Byrne, Matt Swayne, Donald King, Eva Deli, Knuje Mapson, Dante Rosati, Alex Vikoulov and Tim Gross.

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