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Will the internet one day awaken as a conscious entity? Or do we need to design a structured architecture in order to impart the quality of consciousness to the web? In the present book Technovedanta an architecture for the internet as AwwwareNet is proposed based on stratifications derived from the Indian philosophy of Vedanta to create a functional mimic of consciousness, quasi-consciousness. The deep exploration in Nature’s fundamental primacy of consciousness led me to the hypothesis of a panpsychic theory of everything. Welcome to a journey into the unfathomable realm of fantasy, the chaotic soup from which successful strategies are searched, pruned and concretised to fulfil the cosmosemiotic imperative of ever increasing complexity and meta-variegation. Welcome to this book of books, a modern clavicula to engender the eschatological apotheosis of Vedantic Singularity. Welcome to the unusual marriage between Technology and Vedanta.



Part 1: AwwwareNet 

Chapter 1         Awwwareness 
Chapter 2         The Spider in the World Wide Web 
Chapter 3         No IP on a conscious Web 
Chapter 4        Singularity and the anthill 
Chapter 5        No Singularity this century
Chapter 6        Bringing it all together 
Chapter 7        Brainstorming in the Emotome 
Chapter 8        Ignorance is bliss
Chapter 9        AION - Artificial Intelligence ON 
Chapter 10      Nanite Anaesthesia 
Chapter 11      Mind  your web
Chapter 12      Bloom's beehive – Intelligence is an algorithm 
Chapter 13      From Search Engines to Hub Generators 
Chapter 14      Nao an Internet update from reality 
Chapter 15      Electrode Euphoria 
Chapter 16      Quasi-pictorial correlates of AI 
Chapter 17      The OWLs of Minerva only fly at dusk 
Chapter 18      Expanding  Memomics 
Chapter 19      Eagle Eye's exit from Searle's Chinese room  
Chapter 20      Latent quasineuronal website reflections 
Chapter 21      Bayes' Intelligent Abstractions                            

Part 2: Vedantic Singularity


Chapter 1        An inquiry into the nature of the Soul
Chapter 2        The tetrahedron of Jnana
Chapter 3        An Inquiry revisited
Chapter 4        The psyche of Pan
Chapter 5        It’s life Jim, but not as we know it
Chapter 6        I'll see you on the dark side of the Mind
Chapter 7        Crossing the abyss of Ahamkara
Chapter 8        Maxwell's Demon knows it all
Chapter 9        The Fool is drinking God's last cup of time
Chapter 10      Maitri and my Kafkaesque Idiosyncrasies
Chapter 11      Vedantic Singularity
Chapter 12      Brahma's creation
Chapter 13      Technovedantism
Chapter 14      The fractal structure of AUM
Chapter 15      Bacterial Wisdom of Artificial Free Will 
Chapter 16      Emotome mapping in Yama and Niyama
Chapter 17      Don't forget to realise Reality
Chapter 18      The Theory of Everything
Chapter 19      PsychAItry or How to avoid a Nutbot
Chapter 20      Go Viral cross-telic feedback
Chapter 21      Choice dependent IR
Chapter 22      Meta-entropic variegation
Chapter 23      Incorporated by reference
Chapter 24      Absurditions of Logic
Chapter 25      Gravitational abstractions in the Dirac sea
Chapter 26      Poetic fantasies in the noetic event cascade
Chapter 27      It was all an illusion

References for Parts 1 and 2                                                  

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