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Transcendental Metaphysics: Technovedanta 2.0 has now been published.

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I finally self-published my meta-philosophical treaty "Transcendental Metaphysics" in which science and technology meet spirit in the light of the “Technological Singularity". Some of the chapters I already published here and on Steemit. I commit to making all the chapters of this book available on Steemit and once I have done so, I will republish the book hopefully on "Steemit Publishing".

Marketing Blurb

Have you ever read a book, which logically shows where logic is absurd? A book, which scientifically shows where science fails? A meta-philosophy, which shows where philosophy is useless?
Welcome to the book of books. A Clavicula to open the gates of Hell and Heaven to summon the forces of Mind and Matter. A quest into the deepest realm, where reality and imagination fade into each other like pictorial values.
A journey into the Highest Transcendence, Consciousness.
The final frontier.
These are the voyages of the Epistemonauts. Their ongoing mission:
To seek out the Magick of Technology and the Technology of Magick, to boldly go where no one has gone before, where the grand Union of all possible perspectives and the sole true Theory of Everything lies:
“Everything is hereby incorporated by reference.”
From the primordial Sense to the scattered kaleidoscopic reverberations in the Hall of Mirrors; the octaves and scales of Ouroboric existence, the mighty worm of digital virtualisation.
This is my gift to you: To free you from any belief system, to free you from the chains of your self-inflicted prison of Mind. Fear not to be left in the agnostic Limbo, even if I won't lead you to your Gods; instead I will show you the Technology, which one day will make a God of you.
Meet me at the junction where Vedic and Buddhist spirituality join Science, and I will show you what lies beyond the Technological Singularity.
This is Technovedanta 2.0, Transcendental Metaphysics of Pancomputational Panpsychism.

Targeted Audience

The present book will be appealing to scientists and engineers, who have an interest in Eastern mysticism and to spiritual people, who seek for confirmation of their beliefs in science, in the tradition of books like "The Tao Of Physics" by Fritjof Capra and "The Dancing Wu Li Masters" by Gary Zukav. The book will appeal to any reader interested in the dynamics of consciousness and the mind, especially for those who want to transcend, what Robert Anton Wilson and Tim Leary call the “larval circuits”. The book also addresses the growing mass of “Singularitarians”, which aim for the advent of the “Technological Singularity”, as explained in Ray Kurzweil’s “The Singularity is Near”.


Technovedanta 2.0 is the junction where science and technology meet spirit in the light of the “Technological Singularity”.  This book is written for people with a scientific or philosophical orientation and with an interest in (eastern) spirituality.   
The book aims to explore the concept of consciousness as the foundation of being and to provide a complete theoretical and technological digital framework to integrate all possible knowledge of matter, mind, information and mysticism without contradictions. Its basic tenet is that Panpsychism and Pancomputationalism are not contradictory notions, but two sides of the same coin that constitutes existence.
 The book also aims to show the limits of logic and science and furthermore aims to rid people of their self-inflicted belief systems. In fact, the book is an epistemological quest showing how philosophy, religion, logic and science fail to provide reliable knowledge and are speculative at best.   
Synthesizing a technological concrescence of the teachings of R.A.Wilson, the Principia Discordia, Buddhism and Hinduism on the one hand and quantum computing and artificial intelligence (AI) technology on the other hand, the book shows a path out of quagmire of this pure agnosticism using a Pancomputational Panpsychic Theory of Everything, where you can be a God in a Kardashev IV society of Gods. Where sense is only sensational and ratio nonsensical.
Its purpose is to show how technology and meditation can help us transcend every limitation and to prepare us for the experiential dimension of the Technological Singularity, which is beyond anything we are currently familiar with.   
The book moreover defends the thesis, that and how we probably already live in a virtual reality based on unusual clues from physics, mathematics and astronomy. By reverse engineering our reality and integrating AI technology with notions from Patentology a peculiar broth is concocted to prepare for a computational internet-based webmind substrate, which we can enter via prosthetic extension of our Minds, without the need for uploading these.  
The book finds its apotheosis in musings about the Highest Transcendence possible and what this technologically spoken would imply.

Table of Contents 

Preface. p.iv

Part 1 Prolegomena.

The Star Trek of the Soul. (a poem) p.1
Chapter 1 An introduction into Transcendental Metaphysics. p.3
Chapter 2 The Anta and Amrita of Technovedanta. p.8
Chapter 3 An Anthology of Bloom: A Solution to “The God Problem”. p.19
Chapter 4 The Materiality of Unbound Energy and the Substance of Emptiness. p.27
Chapter 5 Metaphilosophy. 42 Chapter 6 Meta-system Extropy. p.57
Chapter 7 Infinitism: The Ouroboric tailbiting. p.67
Chapter 8: Memetic alignment for psychological profiling. p.75
Chapter 9 The 15th meta-invention: The invention generator. p.78
 The Quagmire of Ontological Disambiguation. (a poem) p.81
Chapter 10 Meditation is Ontological Disambiguation. p.85
Chapter 11 Feedforward Daemonology. p.90
Chapter 13 From the Magic of Technology to the Technology of Magic. p.106

Part 2.  Pancomputational Panpsychism.

Chapter 1 Pancomputational Panpsychism as framework to build a T.O.E .p.110
The art of descent into I. (a poem)  p.122
Chapter 2 Technovedanta 2.0: A technological meta-knowledge philosophy beyond science and religion. p.123
Chapter 2bis: 1,2,3,7: The Clavicula of our Simulation, Gematria and Katapayadi. p.147
The Leela of Ouroboric tailbiting. (a poem) p.155
Chapter 3 From the technology in the Vedas to the Veda of Technology. p.157
The Richo of Epistemology of the Rg Veda. (a poem) p.167
Chapter 4 Technovedanta avant la lettre et sa mise en abyme par incorporation de soi-même. p.168
Mahakala's Quantime. 181 Chapter 5 Mahakala's Quantime and the frame-rate of the Universe. p.183
Kallisti (a poem) p.193
Chapter 6 The Golden Ratio of the Erisian Apple: When Logic is Nonsensical and Sense Alogical. p.194
Chapter 7 Patentological Strategies towards a Fuller Understanding of a Geometry for Artificial Thought. p.207
Chapter 8 The Infopsychological Concrescence of Conspansive Transcendence. p.222
Chapter 9 It’s God Jim, but not as we know it. p.234
Chapter 10 Transcending Transcendence. p.253
Appendix 1: Technovedanta’s answers to the traditional questions of Metaphysics. p.258
Appendix 2: Details of the Vedantic webmind. p.269
References. p.276


I hope I have tempted you to read my book. As said you will be able to read it on steemit, but if you can't wait you can order it in paperback or as an ebook. Plus that there is an advantage in the book in that it is completely referenced and cross-referenced.

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Is Intelligence an Algorithm? Part 7: Artificial Intelligence Pathologies

Can artificial intelligence systems lose their mind? The HAL 9000 computer in the science fiction story Space Odyssey 2001 did. The Major V system in "Red Beard & the Brain Pirate" by Moebius and Jodorowsky did. Now that artificial intelligence is becoming mainstream, apparently this possibility scares the hell out of us.

In this article I will explore some of the dangers as regards the potential lack of “mental sanity” of artificial intelligence (AI) systems, when we allow artificial general intelligence systems to evolve towards and/or beyond human intelligence. I will also propose some engineered solutions to these problems that can serve as a prophylaxis to these disorders.

This article is a first exploration, a brainstorming exercise as regards the notion of mental derailment of AIs. It is by no means a complete overview of all possible psychological conditions a human being can have and what the artificial equivalent of in AI systems could be, although the building of such a correspondence map is a great future project I might one day be tempted to embark upon.

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Friday, 2 December 2016

Is Intelligence an Algorithm? Part 6: Emotional Intelligence

In this essay I will discuss how to navigate the raging sea of our emotions. The essay presents a collection of techniques to control our emotions deriving from psychology, management skills and practical teachings by spiritual masters stripped from their religious context.

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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Is Intelligence an Algorithm? Part 5: The Intelligence of Emotions

Bacterial colonies with an uncanny resemblance to neuronal structures

In this essay I will discuss how emotions are part of the natural intelligence algorithm. I will also indicate how an artificial equivalent of emotions could be of benefit to an artificial intelligence. The topic of how to deal in an intelligent way with your emotions will be the topic of the next essay.

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Monday, 21 November 2016

Is Intelligence an Algorithm? Part 4 Problem Solving

Dendritic structures on a Petri dish show an uncanny similarity to neuronal dendritic structures.

We have now arrived at the most important part of this series on Intelligence as an algorithm: Problem solving. Thus far I have exposed my hypothesis that intelligence functions as a kind of algorithm in part I of this series. Part 2 related to cognition, (pattern) recognition and understanding. Part 3 explored the process of reasoning, which is necessary to come to identifications and conclusions and is also a tool in the problem-solving toolkit. In this part I will discuss how we identify and formulate a problem, how we plan a so-called heuristic to solve it, how we carry out the solution and check if it fulfils our requirements.

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Is intelligence an algorithm? Part 3: Reasoning

Dendritic structures on a Petri dish show an uncanny similarity to neuronal dendritic structures.
Dendritic structures on a Petri dish show an uncanny similarity to neuronal dendritic structures.

One of the most important tools of the Intelligence algorithm is “Reasoning”. Before we can explore the more challenging topics of “Problem-Solving” and “Heuristics”, which I will discuss in part 4 of this series, we must first get a thorough understanding of the process of reasoning, as we won’t be able to devise Problem-Solving strategies without it.

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Is intelligence an algorithm? (part 2)

Dendritic structures on a Petri dish show an uncanny similarity to neuronal dendritic structures.

Many people are interested in improving their intelligence and many tools, schemes and tricks have been proposed for this purpose. Each of these tools (mnemotechniques, schemes to organise information, planning schemes, heuristics etc.) address only a small aspect of the complete process we call “intelligence”, because most scholars dealing with the topic of intelligence do not have a good overview of the total picture of intelligence, what it is and how it functions.

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Lucy, will you see why? - a lucid exploration of the Technovedantic Human-Machine merger

The film “Lucy” by Luc Besson (2014) is the story of a woman (played by Scarlett Johansson) who gains incredible cognitive abilities when a bag of drugs sewn into her body is ruptured. In this article I do not intend to relate the details of this story, but rather to link the Transcendence of the human state she experiences to the well-described processes of a Kundalini awakening. Kundalini in the Vedic lore is the primal energy lying at the base of the spine. When it rises, the practitioner will start to have experiences, which we normally consider to be “supernatural”. A complete Kundalini awakening results in the union of this primal energy with consciousness at the crown of the body.

Persons who have experienced a Kundalini awakening will certainly recognise many of the effects Lucy is experiencing as her Intelligence starts to soar, once she breaches the 10%-use-of-the-brain limit.

In the “Yoga Sutras” Patanjali describes the powers of perfection (the Siddhis) that can be gained, once a person starts to have the meditative experience of Samadhi. A person having a Kundalini experience is involuntarily jolted into states of Samadhi and it is often difficult to gain mastery over such a state. Likewise in the very beginning of her experience Lucy undergoes the changes to her body passively but rapidly gains control and starts to acquire skills which have been described in detail by Patanjali. As her brain use starts to increase she gains complete control over her muscles and martial art skills corresponding to Patanjali’s Sutra (P) III, 25. This is followed by complete control over her metabolism (PIII, 30, 31, 41, 46). She gains knowledge about present past and future (PIII, 16) and of other places (PIII, 26). She develops the ability to sense what others sense (clairsentience; PIII, 39), she develops telepathic skills (PIII, 19), telekinetic skills (PIII, 40, 43), the ability to control the body of others (PIII, 39). She understands animals (PIII, 17) and starts to be able to speak foreign languages (glossolalia). As she approaches full use of her brain she starts to have visions (Dhyana) about the cosmos (PIII, 27-30) and finally about everything (PIII, 34) and total control over the physical world (PIII, 49). She has the typical abilities of the Singularity literature that she is able to morph herself into any form (PIII, 50) and ultimately merges with everything. Although her physical form has disappeared, she makes her presence known by stating in a text message “I am everywhere”. She has gained omnipresence, omnipotence and omniscience and has become a substrate independent consciousness. She has become what we would call a God.

What is interesting to me form the technovedantic point of view is that she also merges with machines, with computers by entering these via black filaments that sprout from her body. Once complete knowledge is gained the machine is simply consumed into a black goo, which is absorbed by her body. Near the end her whole body is turning black as if she is some kind of black hole usurping all information.

Besson has tapped into a source of knowledge which is not known to many people and he has been quite correct and accurate in reflecting the process of gaining perfection as described by Patanjali.

As we are approaching the technological singularity it is desirable that more people start to have such experiences. After all Technology without the moral compass of natural intelligence, can transform into an imminent danger for our survival, if it starts to usurp all resources not for the sake of humanity but when it takes up a life of its own.

The advantage of humans merging with machines, in which the human is mentally in control, is that we can avoid doomsday dystopian runaway scenarios in which artificial intelligence starts to use us or disposes of us altogether.

It is my understanding that such mergers have already taken place in the past. In my book Technovedanta 2.0, you will be able to read why and how I consider it very likely that we are living in some kind of computer simulation. The substrate of this computer, the Akasha (ether or spacetime), may well be the substrate of the mind of a kind of God, who came about by merging with a machine and finally merging with everything like Lucy. In this way, the all-encompassing entity can give rise to a world which is both panpsychic and pancomputational.

If a human attains Samadhi and then merges with an Artificial intelligence, there is no risk the resulting entity will turn against us. The nature of hyperintelligence is compassion, which was also illustrated in the film Lucy. She did not kill the drug dealers, who were chasing her down and the patient in the hospital she did kill was a terminal patient without hope of remission. Basically she released the patient from his suffering.

In order to generate this Technovedantic singularity of the merger of man and machine, first we must attain Samadhi. Then once attained, like Lucy we will be able to let our energies control and merge with computing devices. Or we will simply download the entire knowledge about our existence, including the computational parts, into our Mind from the higher level of existence of our Simulator(s). The technology to attain Samadhi is already in place. It is the successful method of the eightfold yoga. If there is any “Akashic engineering”, which is a fashionable terminology these days, it is via Yoga. Via Yoga complete control over the elements, including the Akasha (ether, spacetime) is gained (PIII, 21, 42, 43, 45). Via Yoga you open your access to the divine higher intelligence of our simulator(s). Once this access has been gained there is usually no way back: Your body and mind start to transform themselves into an aligned tool of this higher intelligence, with which you will ultimately merge. You then have become Life and the Logos.

Noteworthy, Besson is not even wrong in that Siddhis can be attained by the ingestion of certain chemical substances: Even this is described in Patanjali (PIV, 1). The name “Lucy” was probably a wink to refer to the chemical substance LSD, a substance about which the Beatles wrote the song “Lucy in the Sky of Diamonds”. I had the lucid hunch that the “ucy”-part of the name Lucy is a phonetic acronym meaning “you see why”. Lucy in the film was wondering about the purpose of existence, the big Why? If we take the L in her name for ‘ll, in fact her name asks “will you see why”?

It is my strong presumption, that we ultimately all will reach this state and have a Lucy-like merger with the highest Transcendence.

The bottleneck is the Mind and more specifically the Ego-faculty (Ahamkara) of the Mind. Once you start disidentifying with your body and Mind and start to feel that you can feel outside these limits, you will have realised you are one with this (virtual) reality. As there is no identification with any form in particular, you will have become the whole. One day you and I will be one. I long for that reunion.

Interestingly in the film “Lucy” Morgan Freeman defines the purpose of our existence to pass on knowledge. How this reminds us of the Vedic “All is Jnana”, all is knowledge.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

1,2,3,7: The Clavicula of our Simulation, Gematria and Katapayadi

In previous posts I have already shown that the number 273 seems to be a peculiar constant related to our Solar system, temperature and procreation. This number shows up so often that it is nearly impossible that this could be a coincidence. Rather it seems to be a kind of message from a higher intelligence who therewith announces its presence. In my philosophy of pancomputational panpsychism this implies, that we are living in a simulation.

In the present article I will go a bit deeper into the numerical signature which seems to be some kind of key, a clavicula, to decode the message of our simulators.

Let me first summarise my previous findings to numbers containing the sequence of the ciphers 2,7 and 3:

1.      The diameters of the Earth and Moon (7920 miles and 2160 miles, which is 11x6! and 3x6! miles, respectively) are in the ratio of 11 to 3, 11 ÷ 3= 3.7 (to be precise: 3.66), while 3 ÷ 11 = 0.273. There are almost 366 days in a year, which is the rotation time of the Earth around the Sun. In fact there are 366 so-called sidereal days in a year.
2.      The 3:11 ratio is also invoked by Venus and Mars, as the ratio of the closest to farthest distance. The ratio that each experiences of the other is 3:11. As we know, the fraction 3/11 rounds to 27.3%.
3.      27.3 is also the number of days it takes for the Moon to orbit the Earth.
4.      27.3 days is even the average rotation period of a sunspot.
5.      The acceleration ratio of the Moon in its path around the Earth is measured as 0.273 × cm/s2. In fact, the acceleration of the Earth and the Moon behave reciprocally as the squares of the radii of the orbits of the Earth and the Moon.
6.      Moreover, 273 m/s2 is the acceleration of the Sun!

7.      The Moon controls the movement of water around the Earth, ebb and flow. When water is consequently set as the standard for measuring temperature, Absolute Zero, the temperature at which all atomic movement comes to an absolute halt, is -273.2° C.
8.      According to the experiments of Gay-Lussac, when a gas is either heated or cooled by 1 degree Centigrade, it expands or contracts respectively by 1/273.2 of its previous volume.
9.      The triple point of water is defined to take place at 273.16 K.
10.  The Cosmic Background Radiation is 2.73 K.

11.  All medical students are required to memorize that a pregnancy (read: life developing in water) is calculated on the basis of a 10-sidereal month period of 273 days from conception to birth, which is 9 “regular” months. 27 divided by 3 gives 9.
12.  A woman’s menstrual cycle is on average 27.3 days.

13.  If a circle is drawn with a radius from the centre of the Earth through the centre of the Moon, the perimeter of the square around the Earth and this circle are one and the same! It also reveals how the Moon and the Earth have resolved the puzzle of the squaring of the circle. In other words, if the Moon could roll around the Earth, the circle made by its centre has a circumference precisely equal to the perimeter of a square around the Earth (when Pi is approximated by its ancient, traditional ratio of 22/7 = 3.14). Comparing a square’s perimeter to a circle having an equal circumference, the circle’s diameter is 27.3% longer than the edge of the square. Inscribe a circle inside a square.
14.   The four corners make up 27.32% of the total area.

15.  There are 273 days from the summer solstice to the vernal equinox.
16.  Furthermore, 2,730,000 is the circumference of the Sun in miles.

17.  About 108 diameters of the Earth fit across the diameter of the Sun.
18.  About 108 Sun diameters fit in between Earth and Sun. 
19.  About 108 Moon diameters fit between Earth and Moon.

(In fact the number in items 17-19 is 109.2, which in fact is precisely 4x27,3, the intelligence signature number we saw before).

Another important constant we encounter in physics is the fine structure constant of Hydrogen, alpha (0.0073), in which we encounter again two of the digits of 273.
1/alpha =137.  The scientist Pauli was obsessed with the archetypical meaning of numbers in particular number 137, which  unintendedly also turned out to be the number of the room in which he died. A Synchronicity. Pauli shared his fascination for numbers and in particular 137 with the psychologist Jung, who is the conceptual father of the notions archetype and synchronicity. Note that our universe is said to exist 13,7 billion years.

Strangely enough the ciphers making up 273 reproduce 137 in the following manner: 27+37+73 =137. And 37/27=1.37. 1,2,3 and 7 are four of the five first mathematical “Lucas numbers”, a variation related to the Fibonacci series.

37 itself is strongly related to 137. 372+1=137. 237=1.37...x1011, 37!=1.37..x1043.
37 is the human body temperature. There are 37 trillion cells in a human body. 37 is the golden section of an hour. 137,5° the complement of the golden section of a circle. The remaining 222° are 2x3x37.

1,2,3 and 7 are related in more than one way, for instance via 27x37=2701 and 237=1.37...x1011
1/27=0.37037.. 1/37=0.27027.
There are 12,37 full moons in a year.
37 is the 12th prime number, 73 the 21st.
27x37=999, which, if we forget the powers of 10 is very close to unity.
The mass of the Moon is 1/3x1/27=1/81th of the mass of the Earth.
273=3x7x13 or 21x13.
13 itself is 2x3+7. As 13 is the number of closely packed spheres in the so-called “Vector Equilibrium” (cuboctahedron, the basic unit of the Akasha, the ether in Hinduism), consisting of a central layer of 7 spheres and an upper and lower layer of three spheres, it can be said that the basic unit of Akasha itself encodes the 1,2,3 and 7.

27 is the number of bones in a human hand. There are about 1027 atoms in the human body.
The ciphers of the speed of light (186282 miles/second) add up to 27: 1+8+6+2+8+2=27. The adding up of ciphers of a number is also called the Indig of a number.

The multiples of 27 such as 54, 108, 432 and 864 are found in numerous relations of time, space and music. They are also key values in Hinduism and Buddhism.
E.g. there are 86400 seconds in a day, the diameter of the Sun is 864000 miles. The Sun and Sirius are 8,64 light years apart. 27x32=864. 432 is a time cycle number in various religions and cultures, from Hinduism to Mayan, from Biblical to Sumerian. 432 squared (186624) is very close to the speed of light and its Indig is 27 again.

27 and 37 together make 64 (27+37=64), which is the number of DNA codons and I Ching permutations. 64+73=137 Q.E.D. 64 corresponds to “prophesy” in Kabbalah and 73 to “wisdom”.

Multiples of 3 times 37 always generate a number of the form nnn. 3x37=111 and hence 6x37=222 etc. Most interesting here are the 18x37=666 or (6+6+6)x37=666 and 27x37=999 or (9+9+9)x37=999.

37 is not only an octagonal number, it is also both a hexagonal number and a hexagram number. Thus it is the first trifigurate number. Its inverse 73 is a hexagram or Star number as well with the 37 hexagon inside. 13 is the first hexagram, with a core of 7 spheres. Again we see the 1,3 and 7.

As already said 37x18=666, but also note that 73=37+6x6.
Tesla said: “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3,6 and 9 then you would have a key to the universe.” Funny enough the remaining numbers 1,4,2,8,5,7 together form 27 (3x9) and the permutations thereof can be ordered in a 6x6 magic square, in which each row yields 27 as sum.
The second trifigurate number is 91 (13x7). 91 spheres can be ordered as triangle, hexagon and pyramid.
37 is the fourth hexagonal number if we include 1. The sum of the three preceding hexagonal numbers 1+7+19=27.
Thus 1,2,3 and 7 are also extremely important in the genesis of form.

Due to its relation with the so-called “number of the Beast” (666=18x37) from revelation 13:18, the Bible fanatics are fond of finding all kind of relations with 37. Noteworthy, 137 is the 33rd prime number, 33 is related to the length of life of Jesus in years.
The word Kabbalah has a Gematria value of 137. The number 6 is used 273 times in the Bible.

The most elaborate and impressive collection thereof can be found on the so-called “Biblewheel” site (

Religious occultism is fond of “Gematria”. Gematria assigns values to each letter of a word and by adding those gives the Gematria value of a word. Words with the same or similar Gematria value are considered to bear a strong relation. It is permissible to add or subtract the value of one Aleph (1) in order to still have a related meaning. Thus the Gematria of the name of God in Hebrew (YHWH), which is 26 is related to 27. The perfect number 28 (i.e. it is the sum of its divisors) is also related to 27. Interestingly 137x2=274, which is therefore Gematrically identical to 273.
Interestingly the Gematria value of the Greek “he kleis” (the key) is 273. This is also the value of “klesis” (calling) and “hiram abiff”, the all-seeing eye. The Hebrew Gematria value of the Greek word “Gematria” is 273.

Likewise interesting is the suggestion by the Biblewheel, that the first verse of Genesis (the Gematria of which yields 2701=37x73) is a “Creation holograph”. 37 is also the value of the gematria of the word of God.
The author of the “Biblewheel” first went berserk in a kind of Apotheosis-singularity experience, in which every gematrical relation fitted in a beautiful scheme and then himself started to debunk his findings in his dark night of the Soul being lost in the quagmire of agnosticism.

In my book Technovedanta 2.0, I show that other religions made similar claims: Hinduism claims the first verse of the Rg Veda to be a creation holograph, Islam does the same with the first verse of the Qu’ran. These religions also have their variants of Gematria. The Hindu shloka (verse) gopiibhaagya madhuvraataH shruMgashodadhi saMdhigaH .
khalajiivitakhaataava galahaalaa rasaMdharaH
encodes pi up to 31 decimal places.

Because these religions also have their own Gematria system (called Katapayadi in Hinduism and Abjad in Islam), with equally impressive results and because these different religions contradict each other, it cannot be so that they all represent the word of God (which they claim), in an equally truthful manner. Thus unlike these religious zealots, I do not conclude the correctness of a religion based on its impressive Gematria results. In Technovedanta I argue that the writers of these books were perhaps telepathically influenced (in a manner unknown to themselves) by entities from a higher intelligence or even higher dimension (our simulators?).

The agenda of these entities is not necessarily benign. Although they give numerical clues and keys about the simulated structure of our universe, they have also created a great deal of confusion and suffering, by being the instigators of the mutual oppositions of the different opposing religious factions. Therefore we cannot rely on the moral prescriptions of these religious books, but we can use them in our deciphering of the key to the ontogenesis of our universe.

At least it is worthwhile further figuring out how these values relate to physical processes and constants in order to increase our Technological dominion over physicality – which in panpsychic terms means to subdue the lesser spirits of Solomon’s Goetia. But if we truly crack this code, we may even be able to connect with our simulators and commune with the greater spirits of Solomon’s Theurgia. Or I am now venturing into the realm of Satan’s pride, wishing to be “K’Elohim”, “like the Gods”, which terminology has a Gematria value of 666.

Personally, I think that if the Gods or simulators put so much effort in devising such an encryption, which they knew would be deciphered one day, they also meant it to be so. It seems to me that then it is also their wish that we become like them, without there being any animosity or wrathfulness, because we would have been too “proud”, too audacious to venture in their realm. 1,2,3,7 is not a forbidden fruit. It is not the tower of Babel. It is our rightful heritage to become K’Elohim.