Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Everything is hereby incorporated by reference

The concept of a “Theory of Everything”, a T.O.E. is mostly known from contemporary physics, which is seeking to establish a theoretical framework to unify the physics of the very large (e.g. general relativity) with the physics of the very small (e.g. quantum mechanics).
An ambitious terminology as the Theory of Everything should not be limited to physics alone, but instead should be able to present a unifying framework for every type of knowledge, language, symbolism, yes any phenomenon. On the other hand it must be clear from the onset that a T.O.E. can never encompass completely everything that exists, as it is a descriptive referential tool. When you try to express “existence”, “the absolute”, “infinity”, “continuum” etc. in descriptive i.e. relative discrete terminologies or logical operators, you immediately impose a limitation, you limit it to and express it in terms of something it is not. In other words, the Tao that can be named is not the Tao. This T.O.E. therefore does not claim to “be” everything, but to provide a self- and cross-referential framework of understanding for every manifestation of existence that can be known. It probes the boundaries of the epistemological query. Also the phenomenological aspects of existence are not completely knowable, as we have learnt from Gödel’s incompleteness theorem, Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle and Turing’s incomputability. Perhaps it should therefore rather be called the “theory of the knowable relative aspects of existence”. But the theory will at least attempt to also provide a meta-framework for these aspects.

Fortunately, recent developments in physics are indeed developing towards a theoretical framework, which is capable of habouring any type of knowledge, including knowledge outside the technical sciences (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology etc.), such as economics, linguistics, sociology, theology etc.
These developments all converge to a similar notion, namely that the underlying fabric of the relative aspects of existence is “Information”.

Langan describes this fabric as an autopoietic self-processing language (SPSCL), Wheeler has coined the term “It from Bit” and Verlinde has recently shown that entropic attraction as a result of informational processing can be used to derive the (Newtonian) laws of gravity.
It is not surprising that such notions surface in a society which is based on the paradigm of information technology, just as Maxwellian and Darwinian paradigms set the framework for understanding at the end of the 19th century.
But it seems that the present conceptual paradigm shift is one of a far more fundamental nature; its potentiality of embedding virtually everything is in principle infinite: All concepts can be harboured in the framework of information, as it is the ultimate framework for concepts and abstractions. It may well be the last paradigm shift of mankind, before we enter the singularity.
The present T.O.E. will be formulated on a separate page on this blog site. The posts, including the present one are the brainstorming process to come to this T.O.E.
If I can be successful in defining a T.O.E. it will be the ultimate key to heaven and hell, the Goetia and Theurgia united.
The implications of this theory go far beyond what is presently imaginable and acceptable. That what we humans hold so dearly will fall away when we’ll succeed to contemplate the infinitude of the multiverse.
After all, what it implies is that existence as we know it is just a game…
From a religious and ethical perspective this T.O.E. will a priori appear as a heresy and abomination of human thought, as this T.O.E. claims nothing less than the notion that if there is an absolute God, it also encompasses all evil and all that what we consider immoral, unethical and despicable.
This T.O.E. goes beyond duality. It is not written for human beings, who want to live happily ever after in their habitual four dimensional framework. It is written for those daring souls, who boldly go where no one has gone before, willing and capable of accepting both the magnificent and horrifying aspects of dual relative existence, of going beyond the relative concepts of morality, truth, purpose and meaning.
The technologies, which will become enabled as a result of this T.O.E. will take the human being beyond his human form, beyond his wildest dreams of interstellar travel in four dimensions. Because it will open the doors of perception to the countless parallel universes and dimensions that constitute the multiverse. Because it will make us venture beyond the imaginable by virtue of the descent into imagination.
This T.O.E. will be built on the strong panpsychic presumption: all that exists is a form of consciousness. Consciousness, as an onion with an infinite amount of layers. Consciousness, as ripples in the ocean of the cybernetic dreamtime.

Travelling into the minuscule below the Planck length or into the mega-macroscopic beyond the cosmic horizon, will become a mere downloading of an informational program to your section of consciousness.
You will be able to access any universe at any point in time by simply choosing to do so. You’ll be able to live any parallel scenario of your lifestory with different parameters. You can be who you want to be, whenever and wherever you want to. Depending on the creativity of your imagination, which will become vastly enhanced by merging or mindmelding with appropriate artificial and natural intelligences, you will access any world of choice. You will be able to morph into any form, to live a full immersion experience of any entity by simply downloading those aspects from the Akashic Record to your section of consciousness.
Don’t ye know ye are Gods? Tripping through any fractal, pink pantering in and out of dimensions, destroying demons, ruling worlds…

Welcome to a journey into you.

The relative aspects of existence are a network of relations, in which no phenomenon exists autopoietically out of itself, but is rather defined by holographic relations that make it appear to be a separate entity. It is a network of ontological references. Applying Langan’s technique of syndiffeonesis, it can be shown that every phenomenon is reductively the same. Every phenomenon is a quantum of information. In order to capture the complete set of knowable information into a model therefore the general statement “Everything is hereby incorporated by reference” is appropriate. We’ll see how we can define a framework in the coming posts.

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