Thursday, 7 April 2016

Meta-system Extropy: exploring a Panpsychic formulation of a new Measure of Order and Chaos

In this essay I'd like to formulate some brainstormed ideas about quantification of order as imposed by autopoietic systems. Any contribution to develop these ideas further and to brainstorm with me is welcome.

I would like to integrate the information on emergence, self-organisation, teleology and autopoiesis:

Entropy is not a good measure of order/chaos when it comes to autopoietic, self-organising systems (e.g. living systems), which can replicate.
Each level has its own ordering capacity contribution, its own resonance recruiting frequency, which must be multiplied by the number of entities in the level to get to the total ordering capacity.

The order of a system is not simply its information-wise statistical orderly spread in an n-dimensional grid, but also should entail the capacity to autocatalytically regenerate itself, its meme-spreading capacity, its "virality/infectivity" or proliferability.

As far as I know there are not many theories describing the virality/diffusion speed of meme spreading.

Autopoietic systems exist in a hierarchy of levels, where the number of autopoietic entities encompassed by the level above increases when going to higher levels. An example from the lowest physical systems up to "living" systems that we know of:
More of this chapter in my next book, which I have submitted for publication.

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