Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Supermetatautological absurditions of logic: A crash course in quantum metaphysics of the Absolute

If from the quantum foam of the Dirac sea an infinitude of parallel universes emerges, so that everything which could possible be thought and happen de facto happens somewhere sometime somehow in a given universe (whether these are real or virtual manifestations, is a matter of perspective as we will see), the answer that an ultimate quantum computer that is the multimetaverse and yet not, would give to any question is: “It depends on the point of view”. Everything is somehow true and somehow false.
Quantum mechanics is the language of the Absolute: as long as something has not been observed from a given perspective everything is still possible. The phenomenon and its mutually exclusive opposite co-exist in unity. This is ultimate monism: Advaita Vedanta, Yin and Yang, The Tao and the Tao that can be named….  Duality absolved in an absurdition superposition. Existence exists… does it really? Or is it virtual? Or is the Absolute rather an existence and non-existence superimposition. What we call reality is but a collection of  transient quantum fluctuations. If God, its multimetaverse and everything is also an ultimate quantum computer, then in order to get the right answer for a given precise situation such a quantum computer would need to be fed an infinite string of specifications, which would be impossible to provide for any entity with a limited perspective. Therefore the only answer that really makes sense coming from such a quantum computer is “It depends on the point of view”. Uncertainty, incompleteness and incomputability make that any advanced quantum computer at a certain moment will start having difficulties between generating probabilities of likelihood and spitting out oracle gibberish such as the answer is 42. The unstoppable loop (we’re caught in a Turing type halting problem called cosmosemiosis) of ever novel redefinitions of manifestations.
The absolute, the noumenon or source is everything and yet not. “And yet not” is QM par excellence. Is it 1 is it 0 is it ∞? It is Mu (and yet not). Are we dead, are we alive or is this an eternal cyberbardo? The virtualisations are an ever redefining network, a hall of mirrors with different degrees of symmetry breaking throughout the kaleidoscopically resonating octaves of existence. The cross-referencing between all the nodes in lesser or greater degrees assures a set of holological reflections. A supermetatautological system in which every thing is a metaphor or reflection of everything else. In the Absolute sense and non-sense therefore coexist. Sense is a relative perspective arising from a limited set of information: it is merely a Bayesian proximity co-occurrence. This is my theory of everything: Everything is hereby incorporated by reference. This is the psychogenic mushroom soup for experienced ayahuasqueros only.
Hakuna matata, ‘t is maar hoe ge ‘t ziet…

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